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Personal Assistant Seattle is Michelle from, who will assist you on a daily or weekly basis to help a businessman or businesswoman with their time and daily management, scheduling of meetings or family gatherings, business or family correspondence and even note taking at that special meeting. Personal Assistant Seattle is often referred to in the vernacular as "PA", but Michelle and her colleagues prefer – Give Me a List of tasks to perform, errands to run or personal services that need to be accomplished within a set time period.

Personal Assistant Edmonds is able to assist the businessman or businesswoman to manage their outside or inside schedule, depending upon the need and circumstance. Personal Assistant Shoreline is able to arrange travel schedules and purchase tickets and arrange for hotel rooms if required. Personal Assistant Bellevue is able to screen calls, check emails, and do follow-up phone calls. Personal Assistant Seattle is able to take notes and write summaries from attending telephone meetings and telephone press conferences that an executive might not be able to attend due to an over taxed schedule.

Personal Assistants Seattle is also available for the day to day chores of making sure that once the executive leaves work, there is food and drink in the refrigerator, mail opened so that no bills go unpaid, dry cleaning and laundry picked up, washing machine and dryer functioning in the home, along with cable television and high speed Internet connections fully functioning. With the proper measurement, Personal Assistants Edmonds will purchase new shirts, socks, stockings, shoes, ties and coats if one is too busy to make it to the mall.

Personal Assistant Bellevue is committed to helping businesswomen and businessmen with the greatest amount of effort and discretion. Personal Assistant Seattle will keep the privacy of their clients so that the job can be done without anyone knowing of the day to day to secretive services being provided. Personal Assistant Edmonds will offer business secretarial personal assistance like research, scheduling, travel arrangements, and note taking on teleconference meetings that the client is unable to attend. Personal Assistant Shoreline will also tidy the home, go to the grocery store in able fill the refrigerator, shop for clothes and schedule a Day Spa visit too.

Personal Assistant Seattle WA

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Personal assistant Seattle Wa is proud to announce that we have currently add a new addition to our list of services. We get asked all of the time for general contractor expertise and we have contracted the help of Van Cleaf homes to help in your minor and major home rebuild and remodeling projects. If you live in Edmonds or in Bellevue and you need a personal assistant that can make sure that all of your construction or home remodels are completed in a professional and timely manner just let us know. We know that your time is valuable and personal assistant Seattle is your one stop shop to get all of your projects completed.
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